Friday, April 20, 2007

Does typing count?

So yesterday I learned that 20 minutes of cardio (NON STOP) will start putting exit ports in my fat cells...I know, but that's what the lady said! Needless to say I left class last night, went to eat dinner with Court (sushi is very healthy unless you get the kind from the cheap places and pick up parasites then, not so much. But then I'm thinking with a parasite you could lose some weight really fast...aaannnyway) I have to confess the only thing I did after class for 20 minutes straight was email. But I'm a fast typer. The only problems is all of my typing looked like this:

HJey mom,
did yhou get the last semilmas that I sent you?

Yeah. I'm going to walk to work today. That'll be 20 minutes easy. Unless I get stopped again by that weird guy on the corner of Broadway and Burnside. I think he thinks I'm his wife because he keeps telling me to "get the kids out of the street". Ok, I'm going.

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Marie - it does not count and now we are going to make you do 20 pushups as punishment in front of the camp. Well, not really - maybe.