Monday, April 23, 2007

I hate my cousin Randy.

So I learned something about myself this Saturday at Dunaway Park. I am a gigantic wuss. I have NO upper body strength and if you are going to mug or attack me, wait for me to be in the prone, push up position because seriously, I will be totally unable to do anything to protect myself or harm you in any way. Doing Burpies gave me that same feeling I had when my older cousin Randy used to grab my arm and hit me with it while asking me, "Why ya hittin' yerself Marie? Why??". Granted, I was able to land a pretty good shot in his baby maker and take off (I got leg strength a plenty) but that will only last so long because you gotta sleep sometime. I hated my cousin Randy.

But I digress. Sure, I'm still sore from Saturday but I will get better and stronger at this. As God as my witness. I. Will. Get. stronger...

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