Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Has anyone seen my ass lately?

Oh, yeah...everyone has seen my ass lately. Because it's grown to epic proportions. Please see evidence below.

Fig. 1: The state of New Hampshire.

Fig. 2: My ass.

Please note the startling similarity in width.

That, combined with the phone call I got recently from a Lewis and Clark scholar who wanted permission to embark on an expedition of the less-traveled areas of my ass, seemed reason enough to do something.

So Kate Sokoloff, one of Live Wire's producers, my friend Marie and I have decided to enroll in Recess Fitness' Boot Camp. Sound appealing? Well, "boot camp" doesn't exactly scream FUN, but the "recess" part sure does. Remember recess? Remember when you would run after a kickball or a Nerf ball or Sarah Peters because she just smacked you and screamed "You're IT!"?

Well, thankfully Sarah won't be there (she always smelled like burnt plastic...why?), and we won't be engaging in impromptu games of tag with random strangers lest we be brought up on assault charges, but the idea of recess will be in full effect.

Boot camp is essentially a series of workouts (two a week) that will utilize lots of different techniques (yoga, pilates, etc.) plus one night a week for nutrition.

The whole thing lasts for two months, and I'll be documenting my progress right here. Because my health means everything to you, doesn't it? I thought so.

So, let the healthy...things and stuff begin!!

Let's hope by the end of it, we'll be in a Rhode Island situation. Or, at the very least, Massachusetts. I've always liked the shape of Massachusetts.